Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cafe Chocolate in Downtown Lititz, Pa

Cafe Chocolate is a must when visiting historical downtown Lititz. Located on Main Street, the small cafe boasts incredible organic eats, fair-trade coffee and espresso, as well as a plethora of decadent chocolate truffles. Our favorite drink has to be the famous ''Turbo''. Steamed milk, rich chocolate and a shot of espresso make this the perfect pick-me-up! The Cafe is known for its organic locavore menu and features such interesting entrees as South African Baboti Meatloaf baked in a curried custard. The West African Peanut Chowder is both vegan and gluten free not to mention amazingly flavorful and delicious. Situated in the middle of town, it is a perfect place to stop for lunch while shopping. The locally owned business is also a proud supporter of the Rainforest Alliance in its mission to protect the people, ecosystems and wildlife. So whether you have a craving for chocolate, a taste for international cuisine, or a thirst that needs quenching, Cafe Chocolate of Lititz promises to satisfy your appetite.