Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Esbenshade's Greenhouse & Nursery

Looking for the most beautiful flowers in town? Esbenshade's is your place. Located along 322 in Brickerville, the locally owned business has been operating for over 50 years. They house new, unusual and hard-to-find plants every season of every year. At Esbenshade's, they grow their own, so you know you're getting the best quality and selection at the best price. Starting in the glorious days of spring, their greenhouses are filled with over 500 varieties of beautiful annuals and over 2,000 varieties of perennials, herbs and their ever popular hydroponic vegetables.

In their well-stocked Nursery department you can find just about any tree or shrub imaginable, such as European Larch or Beautyberry. They also carry a large selection of hanging baskets, roses and combination planters. Their greenhouses are beyond beautiful. You could spend an entire day just perusing around. Unlike other businesses, Esbenshade's promotes a sense of community, hosting a variety of seminars from Backyard Birding to do-it-yourself Hydroponic Gardening. So if you're just itching to get your hands in the dirt, be sure to stop by!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cafe Chocolate in Downtown Lititz, Pa

Cafe Chocolate is a must when visiting historical downtown Lititz. Located on Main Street, the small cafe boasts incredible organic eats, fair-trade coffee and espresso, as well as a plethora of decadent chocolate truffles. Our favorite drink has to be the famous ''Turbo''. Steamed milk, rich chocolate and a shot of espresso make this the perfect pick-me-up! The Cafe is known for its organic locavore menu and features such interesting entrees as South African Baboti Meatloaf baked in a curried custard. The West African Peanut Chowder is both vegan and gluten free not to mention amazingly flavorful and delicious. Situated in the middle of town, it is a perfect place to stop for lunch while shopping. The locally owned business is also a proud supporter of the Rainforest Alliance in its mission to protect the people, ecosystems and wildlife. So whether you have a craving for chocolate, a taste for international cuisine, or a thirst that needs quenching, Cafe Chocolate of Lititz promises to satisfy your appetite.