Monday, February 11, 2008

18 months ago our beloved Bernease Mountain Dog Rosie died prematurly of a twisted stomach, sometimes known as bloat. We were devastated and thought we would never be able to whole heartedly welcome another dog into our hearts and to the inn.
It is a very long story how this came to be but the end of the story includes Werner taking a trip to Montreal to pick up a 7 week old puppy who we have named Baeri, after the Swiss St Bernard that saved a bunch of skiers lost in an avalanche. The long and short is we have a puppy who has totally exceeded our greatest hopes and expectations. He is loving, calm (for a pup) loyal and a ball of fluff. He lives on our side in the kennel and outside. If you dont see him when you visit ask! We are only to happy to share a puppy hug.